Jul 31, 2013

Pick-A-Book Thursday #9

Pick-A-Book Thursday is a weekly meme brought you by me :) It is here for all of us to get our to be read piles down a little and help us get to the books we really want to read but just never got around to them. We can sit here weekly and talk about books we pulled from our jars or those that don't have jars, those who picked one off their shelf! Click here for the Original post for more details!


What book did you pull from your To-Be-Read Book Jar?

* I pulled Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Look below for the synopsis and pic on the book!

Make Lemonade (Make Lemonade, #1)

Make Lemonade
By Virginia Euwer Wolff

Goodreads | Amazon

Viginia Euwer Wolff's groundbreaking novel, written in free verse, tells the story of fourteen-year-old LaVaughn, who is determined to go to college--she just needs the money to get there.

When she answers a babysitting ad, LaVaughn meets Jolly, a seventeen-year-old single mother with two kids by different fathers. As she helps Jolly make lemonade out of the lemons her life has given her, LaVaughn learns some lessons outside the classroom.


What books did you pull from your TBR Book Jar or TBR List? What books are on your list??

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