Jul 25, 2013

Guest Post -- Nikki Godwin (Author of the upcoming book American Girl on Saturn)

Nikki Godwin, YA AuthorAs I started to get more into the twitter world of bloggers, I posted one day that I really needed some new bookmarks....Nikki came to the rescue. She sent me bookmarks of her as well as her sisters that were all signed. I was so excited and had to even fangirl to my boyfriend over them. So I decided for my birfday, I was gonna ask her for a guest post and hope for the best! Well, as you guys can see, she was very happy to write me something!! I feel so special that have relationships with authors. I always had then high up on the shelf as celebrities to me, I never expected to be able to have a conversation with them!


As a young adult author, there's one thing I know I'll always have to write about – relationships. And that doesn't translate to romance. Teen fiction covers friendships, parental issues, self discovery, and obviously, romantic relationships. Maybe I'm reading the wrong books, but I don't see enough sibling interaction, and when I do, I sometimes wonder if the author even has siblings because it's far from realistic to me. I adore sibling relationships and try to squeeze them into every book I write, in some way or another. From time to time, I even like to dig into the time capsule of my brain and pull from my own memories, and this was something I had to do a lot of for American Girl On Saturn.

When I was fourteen, my dad and stepmom lived next door to my grandfather. On the other side of my grandfather's house, there was a family with two sons – one of whom was my age and the other a year or so younger. My stepsister and I spent many, many hours on my grandfather's porch, giggling about the guys and hoping they'd take notice of us. On one very fateful summer day, the guys had a few friends over, and I was in teenage heaven while they ran around shirtlessly playing football. These boys knew they had an audience, so they ventured into their house and emerged moments later with towels wrapped around their waists. Of course, they had their shorts on under the towels, but they enjoyed the shock factor of playing flag football with towels rather than flags.

Weekend visits to Dad's house were my escape from my 24/7 sister, Emily. For two days, we ignored each other's existences and did our own things because we lived with Mom full time and never had a true break from one another. On that very fateful summer day, Emily strolled up to my grandfather's house, stopped halfway across the yard, and screamed, "Ohmygod! Those boys are naked! I'm telling Kim!" In true five-year-old fashion, she bolted back toward Dad's house, screaming the entire way about naked boys and how my stepsister and I were watching them. Moments later, my grandfather's phone rang, and my very confused stepmom said something along the lines of, "I'm sure Emily must've mistaken something, but she said the boys next door are playing football...naked." After an explanation of the towels, my stepmom was totally cool with the mistaken nudity, but some moments never leave your memory...like your sister accusing the boys next door of being naked in their yard (while you watched, nonetheless!).

While writing American Girl On Saturn, I tapped back into those old little sister memories. The family in this book, the Bransons, have three daughters – Chloe (18), Aralie (17), and the infamous Emery (6). Chloe is like a calm butterfly while Aralie is an angry hornet who won't let you get away with swatting at her. Emery is the wildcard beetle with a pretty metallic shell, but you're not quite sure if she's just going to crawl by peacefully or spit poisonous juices at you. That's the beauty and unpredictability of writing about siblings, especially with an age gap and mixed personality types. As my dedication page will explain, Emily is the Aralie that I have now and the Emery that I had then.

 I hope you'll check out American Girl On Saturn on August 29th to get to know the Branson sisters, the boyband Spaceships Around Saturn, and be a witness to Emery's own mistaken nudity incident! Many thanks to the lovely Amber for having me on her blog today!
Nikki Godwin
Thanks again Nikki for the post!! I'm a lucky girl!!

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