Jul 27, 2013

Guest Post -- Blogger Friendship with Sarah Woodard at Sarah’s Random Musings

I met Sarah back in 2009 as well as a few other bloggers, but due to a marriage then a divorce, I wasn't able to keep in touch with then when I was forced to give up my blog. When I finally got back on my feet, I ran back to blogging and Sarah was one of them to welcome me back with open arms. Then when I asked her to do a guest post, she wrote what is below. I cried as I read it! So I hope you all enjoy it and love it as much as I did!!


It is really easy to make friends in the Blogosphere. I mean through Twitter and Goodreads, you can find new blogs really easily. There are suggestions and retweets that alert you to people that you should follow.

It is a lot harder to keep friends, because of slumps and just life in general, can take away from blogging. There are the powerhouse bloggers that always post and you wonder if they have a clone or something. There are the people that keep on returning to blogging even when they are busy and miss it when they don’t. Then there are the people that quit and seem to disappear from Earth and sometimes late at night, you’ll end up on their blog and wonder if they are dead. There are also people that stop blogging, but they still have Twitter and Facebook, so you know if they start dating someone or graduate high school. Then there are the people that disappear for a bit and reappear under a new blog. And you are so excited to see them back.

Amber happens to be in the last category. In 2009, she ran Must and Lust for Books. We met through our mutual friend Kelsey in 2009. During that summer, there was quite a big group of people that skyped constantly. We would talk about books, movies, and some random things like that beans were underappreciated. So, we met on skype and talked through Twitter for a while. We became friends, because we were both bloggers and enjoyed similar books.

Until she disappeared!

Then she came back this year at Paradise of Pages. She is a very sweet and nice person. She is also very fun and supportive. So, I am really excited to see her again and I can’t wait to see what she posts next. Anyways, I hope that she has an amazing 25th Birthday and that she doesn’t disappear again!

Yay for blogger friendship!

Sarah @ Sarah's Random Musings


Thanks again Sarah for the post! SOOOOO Swwweeeeeeettttt! I hope you all go check out her page!!

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  1. Great post. I wish I had friends like that but life gets in the way mostly. I have 2 kids, a husband, a house, a boat, and my blog, not in that order just the first 2 lol. I didn't know how crazy it was until I was right smack in the middle of it. But I love blogging about the books I've read and reading other blogs.


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