Jul 23, 2013


I was on etsy the other day looking for bookmarks, and I stumbled across some that I just couldn't say no too...The funny bookmark!
They are from Germany, a woman hand makes them and I thought they were adorable and hilarious at the same time!
Here are some pics for you all to enjoy them!!

I think they are hilarious and I love them poking out the top of my book I'm reading! I'm for sure ordering more!
You get to pick out the body color you want and the hair color as well, she has a color wheel for you to choose from!
Here is her site on Etsy if you want some for yourself!


  1. These are unbelievably cute! I'll definitely have to check out her store now!! :)

    1. I fell in love with them! I wanted to order a bunch but decided on 2 to start with just to make sure I liked them, but now that I have them in person I NEED more!!

  2. Sooo cute and quirky!!! I can see myself talking to them about that one character I just really, really hage and getting sarcastic comments back :D

    1. haha, yeah. I still need to name them. I am using the purple one right now. I find myself staring at them as I try to pull them out of my books to even read because I love them so much!


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