Jul 12, 2013

Blog Tour: Living in the Aftermath by Kelly Coleman

Living in the Aftermath (The Ties That Bind Us, #2)Living in the Aftermath (The Ties that Bind Us #2)
Author: Kelly Coleman
Release Date: June 2013
Genre: Young Adult
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At the start of her junior year, Savannah had it all: popularity, money, cheerleading, a boyfriend, and a best friend. Unfortunately, when you have it all, you risk losing everything. After a tragic accident forever changes her life and the lives of her friends, Savannah finds herself faced with a decision to make. She can try to slip back into her old life, flaws and all, or she can try to redefine herself for her last year of high school. Is it even possible that Savannah can change after having everything go her way for 18 years?

Jacob has nothing to lose. He has seen one too many schools and wants nothing more than to graduate, so he can finally stay in one place for more than a year. In fact, Jacob thinks he has every clique and student pegged after switching schools so frequently. When Jacob finds himself face to face with Savannah, he realizes that she doesn’t quite fit into one of the high school stereotypes.

In fact, they’re both harboring rather big secrets. Maintaining a friendship or any kind of relationship can be akin to balancing on the thinnest of tight ropes. When the rope is made of lies, revenge, and half-truths, well, it’s only a matter of time before everything and everyone comes crashing down.

Book Excerpt
For the life of me, I had absolutely no idea why I was dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn, also know as nine in the morning, to go to a soccer game on a Saturday.  Lexie, my tour guide and next door neighbor, had apparently run out of steam.  I had gotten a call from at seven in the morning asking me to take her place at the soccer game with Em.  She hadn’t really said much about why she wasn’t going, and I was too sleepy to ask her.  Pulling into the school parking lot, I really wished I had asked.  Mornings weren’t my thing.  Soccer wasn’t my thing.  And school spirit was definitely not my thing.  As I walked up to where Emerson sat on the bleachers, I wished I had stopped to get coffee.
“Hey, Jacob.  Where’s Lex?”  Emerson stood up to greet me as she looked out for her friend.
“She called me this morning and asked me to stand in for the game.  She didn’t really explain why she wasn’t coming.”  As I spoke, Emerson handed me the second cup of coffee which was probably intended for Lexie.  I really didn’t think Lexie didn’t the extra caffeine anyway.  “How was the party last night?”  
“Toby Hayes is an idiot,” Emerson replied looking angry.  “The dork gone wild tried to feel me up.”  
I had a feeling Toby was a creep,but I didn’t know he was the much of a creep.  Crap.  I should have gone to the party just so I had the chance to deck him.  “How did Savannah react?  Did you tell Matt?”  Somehow, I was becoming invested in this little group, and I was interested in what happened to them.  Maybe it was because I still had the feeling that there was more to this friendship than met the eye.  Maybe I just wanted friends.  Who knows?
“Savannah didn’t believe me.  She thought that Toby accidentally grabbed my boob and I overreacted.  And I’m not telling Matty, and neither are you.  If he knew, he wouldn’t think twice about trying to kill Toby, and he has too many soccer scholarships on the line to get in a fight with a dumb creep.”  Even though she was staring at the field, I could almost feel the anger radiating from her.
“He’s in my gym class.  We’re playing basketball this week.  I can easily trip him or shove him.  Really, I wouldn’t even mind doing it.”  There were Tobys in every high school, and all of them were equally unlikeable.  I wasn’t doing anything else with my time anyway.
“Nah, don’t do it.  If we keep pressuring her to get rid of Toby, she is only going to cling to him tighter.  And even Savannah needs a friend.”  Apparently, something happened on the soccer field because Emerson jumped to her feet to cheer for her boyfriend.  Belatedly, I clapped.  “Just don’t tell anyone I told you, okay?”
“Sure, can I ask you a question?”  Without glancing over, Emerson nodded her approval.  “If your boyfriend is on the field and he is wearing the number 11, why are you wearing the number five?”  Well, that got her attention.  
She quickly snapped her head up to look over at me.  “No one told you?”  Without even waiting for my answer, she answered her own question.  “Who would?  Lexie doesn’t like to bring it up.”  After gathering her thoughts for a few seconds, she began to explain.  “I’m wearing a number five jersey because that’s what number our friend Luke always wore.  He was Matty’s best friend.  I loved him too.  Luke was annoyingly likeable.  If you asked around the school, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t like him.  He was funny and completely irreverent in all of the best ways.  On our way to prom last year, Luke, and his date, Eliza, who was Savannah’s best friend were in a terrible car accident.  Matty and I were in the car right behind them.  Jacob, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life, and I haven’t had the prettiest of lives.  Luke didn’t make it.  He died a few hours later in the hospital.   If he was alive today, he’d be the second captain of the team.”  She gestured to the field, and I saw her eyes had blurred with tears.  I felt like such an ass for asking.  “Eliza made it but broke both legs and her pelvic bone.  Since then, she has kind of disappeared.  She isn’t coming back, and she doesn’t want contact with any of us.”
“I’m so sorry, Emerson.”  I sincerely meant it.  The way the group behaved made a little more sense to me now.  “That’s why you’re afraid of isolating Savannah?”
“She’s already lost one best friend and the cheer team when she quit because it reminded her too much of Eliza.”  Emerson wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks.  “She doesn’t have many other people to lose.  If you’re going to be our friend, you should know all of this stuff, but it’s probably best if you don’t talk about it in front of the other three.  Lexie has to keep moving or she cries.  Savannah will pick a fight with you.  And Matty won’t talk about it with people who weren’t there.”  As the puzzle fit together, I realized it was a pretty damn sad picture.  How they each behaved made more sense.  “Does it bother you to talk about it?”  I know I shouldn’t have asked, but I was impressed with how she handled the conversation.
“Yes an no,” Emerson replied propping her chin on her knees as she sat there.  “I hate reliving the accident.  For weeks straight, I had nightmares where we were back on that road without any help.  I can’t pretend my friend didn’t exist though.  I still love him, and he’s gone.  He has a little sister who deserves for him to be remembered.”  She paused for a long minute.  “And I lost my little brother to cancer almost four years ago.  I didn’t cope well then at all, but I’m doing what I need to do now.”
Wow.  A jock.  The cheerleader.  The school’s sweetheart.  I had vastly underestimated how much each of them was hiding.  “I’m sorry about your brother and the car accident.”
“Car accident, car accident,” Emerson repeated the words to herself.  “Toby told me to ‘drive safe’ last night after we argued.  That spineless piece of--.”
Interrupting, I asked, “are you sure he knew about the accident?”
“Luke was popular.  I didn’t recognize half the people at his funeral.  And it was the same with Eliza.  She was a cheerleader.  They were the ‘it’ couple of the school going into prom.  Everyone knows.”  Emerson slumped.  “I left her with that guy.”
“You couldn’t have possibly known,” I bumped my shoulder against hers.
“That never really makes it any better.”  

About the Author

I'm not really going to write a biography. Though I am supportive of the high schools and colleges I have attended, it's probably not actually the most interesting stuff about me. I'm going to do a list of five really random things instead for now.

1) I like making lists. It's weird, and I never actually scratch things off of the list.

2) I sing and dance in the car like a maniac.

3) For the first six years of my life, I truly believed a shark lived under my bed. I watched Jaws at too young of an age.

4) Without a doubt, I am a night person. I am enormously grumpy when first woken up in the morning.

5) When I was younger, I read almost every Nancy Drew book, both new and old. I had a notebook, and I would take notes to see if I could figure out who the "bad guy" was before Nancy did. We probably tied.

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I haven't gotten a chance to read this book, but if you guys go check my interview here, you'll see how much I enjoyed the first one and can't wait to be able to read this one as well!

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