Jul 23, 2013

Birthday Week!!

So my birthday is coming up, this Sunday, the 28th to be exact!

I will be turning 25!! UGH!!

Oh well, we all get older right!

I have some guest posts for my birfday to be posted throughout the week for you all to enjoy!!

I also hope to be having a giveaway on the actual day of my birthday, just deciding what I want to give away!!

I hope to see you all around my blog this week and hope you enjoy all the fun stuff!!


  1. Woohoo, 25! I'm turning 24 this year, I hope I dont have an "ugh" moment when I hit 25 haha. HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! 25 is a good age :-) When I turned 26, I suddenly felt old!


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