Jun 25, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Best Books I've Read So Far In 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you at The Broke and the Bookish!! Each week we will be releasing a top ten book related list for you all to enjoy!
This week, we get to do our Top Ten Tuesday with 10 best books we've read so far in 2013! This one is gonna be a little difficult for me, because I don't think I've read enough books to be able to say 10 best, I'll be putting most of the books I've even read in 2013 if I do Ten, but let's see how it goes!!
Okay, I ended up with Top 6!
These books are in no particular order, just listed them as I went!
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)
1. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - I saw this cover in my local bookstore, not knowing much about it I picked it up anyway. I ended up devouring it and not being able to wait for the next one to come out!
2. Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire - This is the same story just told by the main male character instead of female. It gives you an outlook on both sides of the story!
When in Doubt, Add ButterThe Fault in Our Stars
3. When In Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison - I asked for this book for Christmas just because of the cupcakes and knowing it was a romance, it is truly amazing! I'm so glad I got it!
4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green - I have a love hate relationship with this book. It was truly amazing, but it also destroyed me afterward. But I guess a good book is supposed to leave you shaken up at the end of it! Definitely check this book out, just be ready to cry!
Holding On and Letting Go (The Ties That Bind Us, #1)Our Song
5. Holding On and Letting Go By Lucy Kelly (K.A. Coleman) -  I got this for review. I mainly was just trying to help out some Indie authors, but I ended up loving it very very much!! I'm glad I said yes to it! It's only e-book right now though :( I wish I could get it in paper!
6. Our Song by Jordanna Fraiberg -  There isn't a book by Jordanna that I haven't loved! So when this came out I had to read it, and of course I wasn't disappointed!
Well there is my top 10 6 books I've read in 2013!!
What are yours??


  1. The Fault In Our Stars is one of my favorites!!! And totally get you on that, I was a sobbing mess after I finished.

  2. I really ought to get around to reading the Fault in Our Stars. Great list! :)

    1. yes...you must...i'm reading percy jackson cause of you, so now you gotta read TFIOS!

  3. Good list, I love The Fault in Our Stars as well but I loved that it emotionally destroyed me.

  4. Holding On and Letting Go was a lovely read!

  5. Those Disaster books? WANT them! Sooo much! AFter refusing to read NA for a year straight, I'm now obsessed with trying one! And these books just sound so beautiful :D


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