Jun 6, 2013

Pick-A-Book Thursday!

Hey all! I have seen so many have wonderful memes out there, so I decided I wanted one of my own. I see all the TBR jars out there and decided to run with the jars and use them for a weekly post!

What is Pick-A-Book Thursday about?

The TBR jar is such a wonderful thing. I went out and made my own jars, but I made a few different ones. I made To-Be-Read, To-Be-Bought, and To-Be-Reread. I want to have others out there have inspiration to make their own jars and get their own TBR list to go down. I want this to be something fun that everyone can connect with each other. You don't always have to buy a book each week or pick a book each week. But we can still connect and talk about them!

How to Participate:

  • Create your own Pick-A-Book Thursday post. You can use my graphic above or make your own, just be sure to link back here at Paradise of Pages for everyone to join in on the fun!
  • View Paradise of Pages every Thursday to post your own link below so all of us can visit you!
  • Visit other participants and encourage them on their journey through their TBR jars!
  • Lastly... Answer one of the questions below or make your own!

  • What book did you pull from your To-Be-Read Jar?
  • What book did you pull from your To-Be-Bought Jar?
  • What book did you pull from your To-Re-Read Jar?
  • If you didn't get to pick from one of the jars above, How are you coming with your pick from last time? Are you enjoying it so far?
  • What books have you added to your TBR Book Jar?
  • Tell us something about one of the books in your jars or lists?

I have made my own jars, I would love to see you all make some! Here is a link to how I made my jars!

I mainly read YA books, but feel free to put any genre of books into your jars and participate!

Make sure to check back on next Thursday for my Pick-A-Book Thursday post!


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