Jun 6, 2013

Pick-A-Book Thursday--How to make your jars!

Hey guys, for this weeks post, I'm going to show you how I made my jars. I didn't make a vlog for it, but I did take step by step picks for you! Click here for guidelines for Pick-A-Book Thursday!

Step 1: Here are all your supplies. I had 3 jars, some fabric quarters, different patterns of scrapbook paper with white backs, and some designed scissors.

 Step 2: Cut fabric squares to octagons bigger than the lid itself. This way some of the fabric can hang over the side and be pretty :)

 Step 3: twist caps over the top of the jars to make sure they look okay. Here are mine when I did all three of them!

 Step 4: Have your scrapbook paper ready! Time to write down your book!

 Step 5: Write down all the names of your books. you can sort out the different piles later. I alternated pen color on the paper so they would all be unique :)

Step 6: Cut out all your stripes with your pretty scissors!

 Step 7: Sort the pieces out into the pile they are meant to be in.

Step 8: Fold all the little pieces of paper up.

Step 9: Put all the little pieces of paper into their destined jars!

I hope you enjoyed how I made mine! I can't wait to see how all of you make yours!
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