Jun 25, 2013


Where do I begin.....

About a month ago I came across a blog post speaking about an awesome person to let redesign your blog. I went to the link that was provided and saw many beautifully designed blogs. I have wanted to redesign my blog for a while just never got told pricing or anything else when I would ask other graphic designers. When I saw the pricing I was like wow! That is a lot cheaper than I expected. I signed up that very day to get my blog re-designed!

I'm so glad that I did.

Jude Henderson! That is the wonderful lady that has redone my blog and I can't thank her enough. She listened to me and helped me through all of that I needed and even found out some stuff I didn't know I needed till we got started. Its completely beautiful what she did and I am so very very happy!

I have a feeling I will end up using her for anything I need, including more banners or anything else I can get her to do for me :)

Jude starts out at 30 dollars and goes up to 50 dollars plus a small fee for extras added on here or there. For all the time and effort she puts into it, 30 or 50 dollars is a small amount for the love you have your blog when she is done!

Jude, if you read this, I'm saying thank you here for all to read :) You are wonderful and I love your work!

Here is a link - In Between Designs - to her site for you all to look into other blogs she has done and see what you can get in her packages!

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