May 27, 2013

Holding on and Letting go (my review cannot do this book justice!)

Author: Lucy A. Kelly
Release Date: March 10, 2013
Publisher: K. Coleman
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Pages: 129
Format: e-book ARC

Synopsis: Is there a way to describe the ties that bind us together? What happens when one of those ties is unexpectedly severed? Can everything else remain the same? Will the other ties hold strong?

Two years after her little brother's death, sixteen year old Emerson Caulfield returns to a home that she spent the last two years missing. In theory, everything should be the same. Her best friend, Matt, still lives next door. Her house is in the exact same condition they left it. The scenery and hallways haven't changed, yet for Emerson, everything is completely different. The place may be the same, but Emerson is most certainly not. She returns home hurt, angry, and miles away from the girl she once was.

The 60,000 word novel alternates between the perspectives of Emerson, who is struggling to keep breathing on a daily basis, and Matt, who wants to have his old best friend back so badly that he is willing to overlook the fact that she has completely changed. Though their friendship and relationship is a major part of the story, it takes backseat to the unique bonds between siblings, what happens when your worst enemy is in fact yourself, and the hardships that come with growing up and changing.

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Review: I don't even know where to begin....this book was truly breathtaking. It is for sure top book I have read this year and is definitely in the list of top books I've ever read as well.

This book is a soft spot for me. I may not have lost a sibling, but I lost a father, and I know the pain very well from that. It is hard to move on in life with this big gaping hole inside you. It never goes away, you just learn to get through it on a day to day basis.

Emerson is a train wreck, swallowed in depression and guilt of her brother's death. She feels if maybe she had noticed sooner she could have been able to stop his cancer from taking his life. Through most of the book Emerson struggles with this. She tries to not get too close to anyone again because she no longer feels worthy or even emotionally able to let anyone else into her life, even old friends.

I pity Emerson and also loved the way she progresses in the story. Emerson isn't the only character though, there is many you learn to love in this book. Matt is the other full main character. He tries to be there for Emerson no matter if she is different than she used to be. Matt doesn't have any childhood memories that do not have Emerson in them and Matt doesn't plan to just let that type of friendship go. poor Matty gets jerks around emotionally as well throughout the book, but no matter what he holds strong for Emmy.

As those two go through the relationships in the book, you are drawn in to love them both and they have you biting your nails till the bitter end trying to find out what happens. The emotion throughout the whole book is truly amazing. I don't think I've ever cried so much from a book in my life.

There are also the characters, peter(her brother--just flashbacks), Luke, Lexie, Savanna, Eliza, Tyler, Brad, and her parents. Obviously some are more involved than others, but every one I just named is an important part of the story as well as for the growth of Emerson.

This book I hated having to put down but sadly work made it difficult to make it true. Any chance I could read this I could. My days revolved around being able to pick this book back up and read more. I don't care who you are, I think you should read this book. I am so glad I decided to do the blog tour for this.

This author does such a wonderful job to keep you wanting more and feeling so many emotions. I went through an entire box of tissues throughout the course of this book. If I could ever meet the Author to say thank you, I do whatever I could to make it possible.

I am sad about one thing. I have a tradition....If I read a book on my kindle, and I love it very very much...I buy it in a hard copy. I sadly can't do this. This book is Kindle only, but I hope one day that they will put this awesome book onto paper because that is where it belongs. It needs to be shared to all not only through e-book but also onto paper.

This book gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me but if I was able to rate it any higher, I would. I see that it says this is the first book, so that gives me hope that there will be more to come for me to devour!


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