May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA-Day 4- Genre Non-Fiction

Righto! Lol...felt cool to say. Umm....Non-fiction. Well, I haven't read too much non-fiction. I have even bought some non-fiction just because I was like hey, I'm gonna read more non-fiction....guess what...I DIDN'T!! Lol. No surprise to me.

I have read a little in forms of biographies. I bought Miley Cyrus's bio back in the day but I think I ended up donating it because I couldn't get the determination to read it. I did also buy Russell Brand's My Booky Wook and My Booky Wook 2. For once I read both of these. They are hard subjects to read about through part of it, but it was nice that he was honest about all of it. And also, this might make me sound horrible, but since I know his voice and accent, I read both books in his voice and accent. So it was almost to me as he was reading it to me or just telling me his story in person. It was very fascinating.
My Booky Wook Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal

I do have a non-fiction section I do like though. The Animal section. I love to read anything on insects as well as ANYTHING marine life. I love marine mammals, fish, mollusks, corals, jellyfish, anything, I am being lazy and don't want to write the whole list down. My favorite animals are even the shark and penguin. I also watch a lot of nature shows as well. I haven't bought to many books from a bookstore mainly because these types of books get pricey, but I do have a couple shark books and penguin books in storage and I also took a couple zoology courses in college. I wanted to be a marine biologist but sadly it has a crappy job market. I have any more non-fiction to write about...I really don't think I do. I don't really like history, I know, I'm sorry. I seem to be saying sorry a lot recently...but oh well. My boyfriend loves history, he is like a walking history book, I went the science and math route of things.

So, this is where I say I'm done with my post!

Hope you guys have a better post than I do!!



  1. I used to love reading books from the animal and nature section of the library when I was a kid. Especially the geography ones :D

    Now? Meh. I still love geography, but I don't read non-fiction for leisure.

    Check out my post!

  2. I've always been curious to read the Russell Brand books. I have heard that some of his lingo is hard to understand which is the only thing holding me back. Did you have any trouble with that?

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

    1. No, I mean I there is definitely more British style phrases in it, but nothing that I haven't heard before either from other british speakers or from movies. I even found alot of the phrases to be entertaining as I read it.


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