Apr 28, 2013

In My Mailbox

Hey ya'll! I'm here for my in my mailbox post. This is usually hosted by Kristi over at www.thestorysiren.com but because her due date is getting close she won't be able to host it for a little bit. I'm still posting it anyway :)

I was only able to get one book this week. But I'm hoping to be able to afford or receive more soon :) *crosses fingers*

Bought: This is what Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

What did the rest of you guys get??

Happy Readings :)



  1. Gaaaah, this book is so fantastic. I love Jennifer E. Smith SO MUCH.

  2. I'm about halfway through it. I had to be the responsible student and study for my finals today, but school is officially over so I plan to finish devouring it tonight!


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