Apr 18, 2013

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Author: Jamie McGuire
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Publisher: Atria Paperback
Shelfability: Pick it up!
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback

Synopsis: The new Abby Abernath is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance from the darness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University's Walking One-Night Stand.

Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby wants--and needs--to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer. Intrigued by Abby's resistance to his appeal, Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis's apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match.

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My Review: Okay, to be honest first reason I picked up this book was because the cover drew me into it. I decided to pick it up and read about it and I wasn't so sure about it just by the synopsis. I decided to leave it on the table and went around the rest of the store. As I was looking for another book I ended up still thinking about this one. So needless to say, I walked right back to it and purchased it. It was a good thing I did. After the first few pages, I couldn't put it down I was sucked into the pages.

McGuire does such a wonderful job of putting you into the head of Abby Abernathy. As you read, you feel the characters love, anger, sorrows, and confusion. It was so easy for me to picture everything going on. Sometimes I even wanted to say get yourself together to either Abby or Travis.
There is so much that goes on within the story that even when you think you know how it is going to end, McGuire does a wonderful job with keeping you on your toes. The synopsis pretty much does a good explanation of the book that I can't really say much more about. There are of course more characters in the book that you also learn to love. You get good details on each of the characters as well as their personalities to suck you more into the book. I definitely give this book 5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a little romance to read.

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